Tiny Tots

  • Many people feel unsure about starting swimming lessons and can feel quite nervous about it. A common question asked amongst parents is at what age should my child commence swimming lessons?
  • Prior to birth, babies are immersed in fluid inside the womb. This means that we aren’t talking about when to introduce a child to the water, but rather, when to reintroduce them to it.
  • The recommendation of the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association is that infants can start a formal swimming program at 4 months of age.
  • Swimming from 4 months of age, lays a great foundation for lifelong swimming.
  • At this age babies are introduced to the water in a gentle and nurturing way, with age appropriate activities.
  • Babies are less restricted in the water and as such they can exercise more muscles.
  • Swimming is a skill.  It is a complex, physically demanding activity that requires both balance and coordination.  Many children learn to master the ability to walk at a young age and swimming is just the same.
  • Starting swimming lessons early, means your child will accept the water easier than children who are kept away from the water until they are older.  This reduces the likelihood of them developing a fear of water.
  • This is a special time for both parent and child as it enhances bonding, confidence and water familiarisation. This is enhanced by the skin to skin contact with their parents.
  • Starting early and continuing long term will allow your child to swim, survive and enjoy the water.
  • Don’t let your baby become a tragic statistic, enrol today!

AGE: 4–6 months

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