Our Squad Program focuses on:


At this level children swim for their Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates.
Swimmers learn and progressively refine technique and develop proficiency
in all four competitive strokes, starts and turns as well as improving
distance capabilities and speed.


All squad members participate in Sprint Club where swimmers are
rewarded for trying to beat their personal best time. They are also invited
to participate in the annual Squad Carnival, an exciting introduction to
competitive swimming!


Through the Platinum Certificate program distance abilities are also
improved and developed, gradually from the 1 km swim through to
10 kms and Open Water Swims. Awards and trophies are presented
at special presentation nights twice a year.

Safety & Survival

Life-saving skills and survival techniques are also a fundamental
component of the squad program. After completing their Bronze
and Silver Survival Certificates squad swimmers may complete the
Royal Life Saving Society Bronze Medallion. This is a nationally
recognised award seen as an international benchmark for life savers.

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SKILLS: technique, speed, endurance, safety and survival.

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