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Bringing the world of yoga to the pool

Aqua e Vita

Relax, Recharge and Restore.

Introducing Aqua e Vita

Following an incredibly challenging and trying year for Melbournians – especially so for mums and dads juggling home-schooling and work – our local swimming school decided to unite the benefits of hydro-therapy and yoga and create a new class for parents.

We developed Aqua e Vita to encourage those who have been stuck at home – particularly parents who have homeschooled during this time – to ease their way back into life gently, through a guided fusion of mindfulness and movement that capitalises on the health benefits of weightlessness, buoyancy, and joint encapsulation through the water.

Aqua e Vita begins with dryland meditation and relaxation before entering the pool for a distinct yoga flow sequence and mindful swimming experience.

How is the Aqua e Vita class structured?

Vita (Life): 20 Minutes

Dry guided mindfulness, self-compassion & relaxation: To respect and honour body, mind, soul and understand our human existence. It’s about being good to yourself; this is your moment in your day. Incorporating Pranayama to connect with the life energy that is the breath.

Preparation and entry into the pool: A mindful practice of being present in everyday life.

Aqua (Water): 20 Minutes

In-pool joint rotations: To mindfully prepare the body for movement.

In-pool yoga Asana: Physical practice of yoga including standing postures for empowerment and balance posture for focus. A time to re-engage your inner strength. This practice prepares your body and mind for mindful swimming.

Mindful swimming: Incorporating all that has been practised into a mindful swimming experience.

Il finale (End):

Mindful connection: Meet in the café for a refreshment of your choice and connect with others from your class.




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