SwimWorld Adult Classes Information

SwimWorld offers a unique Adult learner program which caters to people of various levels ranging from the novice swimmer, right through to people who want to improve their technique and endurance. Our adult program provides all swimmers with the necessary water safety skills so you can swim, survive and enjoy the water. In addition to this, our program will incorporate the fundamentals for each different stroke.

Our fully qualified, Auswim instructors have the necessary skills to adapt each class in order to cater to the needs of each and every adult. Whether this is your first time having formal lessons, or if you just want to keep up with the kids, we have a program to suit your needs. Many people choose our program in order to satisfy a work commitment or to fulfil a dream of competing in a triathlon. Whatever your goal, we are here to help you achieve it.

At SwimWorld, our Adult lessons run for 45mins and are based on skill level. We have 3 different levels; Adult Beginner, Adult Intermediate and Adult Advanced Classes which are conducted daily.

Adult Beginner
SwimWorld’s Adult Beginner Program, is designed to suit people who have little or no experience in the water. The aim of this class is to provide you with the necessary skills for you to be safe in the water whilst learning the basics. These include kicking, floating, torpedos, as well as learning to complete 25m freestyle and 25m backstroke, unaided. At this level, an instructor will be in the water with you.

Adult Intermediate
SwimWorld’s Intermediate Program is designed to suit people who already have the basic knowledge and technique to complete the Beginner Program. The Intermediate class is aimed at people who need to focus on correct stroke development, as well the correct breathing position. In order to move through to our Advanced class, swimmer’s need to complete 100m freestyle and Backstroke, as well as complete 25m of breastroke and butterfly kick.

Adult Advanced
SwimWorld’s Advanced program is aimed at improving a swimmers endurance level whilst making any necessary improvements to their stroke. At this level, as at every level, there is a focus on water safety.

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